‘Corflute’ is very similar to our approach “KISS Rule”. Forget all the old age materials that are appropriate for one or the other purpose, corflute is the way to go. Our belief in exploiting the best of the technology lets us provide the best grade of corflute to our customers. It is no doubt durable and the vinyl printing appears to its best when printed on such a high quality surface.

Usage and purpose

Signage is not the only motive to be fulfilled by corflute but also, it can be used for packaging, concrete moulding, thermal insulation and protection of floor or any product.

Choice and variety

Art and style cannot forget to showcase the variety thus; we have corflute of various thicknesses, sizes and colors as well. Whatever your basis of search for corflute is, we are capable enough to put an end to your search.

Expert team

Our team of experts loves to satisfy the customers and know the difference that quality can create; this makes them come up with one of the best grade of corflutes available in Melbourne, Australia. You may not feel the difference but we know the difference made by the quality and we want our customers to have only the best.

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