Cafe Barriers & Umbrellas

Café barriers and umbrellas:

With the growing competition in the markets, the need for promotion and marketing has also grown tremendously. We at “Art and Style” have realized this and have designed some exceptionally stylish and durable café barriers and umbrellas which would definitely make your café, restaurant or bar stand out from the crowd.

A diligent team

We have continuously worked towards finding new ways to brand your café in an effective way. We make your café barriers and umbrellas creative so that the customers fall in love with the looks of your café, restaurant, bar or nightclub.

Adding style

Our café barriers are designed by the best engineers add look and ambience to your sales area. They are both different in appeal and affordable to your pockets. You can always choose from the various sizes and types of café barriers according to your requirement. We will even customize your existing logo so that it prints perfectly on the café barrier. We will design your café barrier so that it attracts the attention of all the visitors.

Best materials used

The umbrellas designed by us give you the flexibility create an outdoor seating area for your customers. Our expert team has used the best quality materials to put together colorful and long lasting umbrellas. Our umbrellas suit every style and budget. If you are looking for a logo design that would complement your restaurant or nightclub, then we will help you design it. So we always ensure that our customers enjoy the best price possible without sacrificing on the quality and design.

So, if you are looking for a company in Melbourne, Australia that brings for you tailor made café barriers and umbrellas, then do drop us a line.

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