Having spent over a decade in designing effective branding solutions for companies, clubs, trade and schools, we are proud to call ourselves one of the leading companies in the business. What makes us the best is our dedication towards providing our customers with a product that has an equal or greater value compared to the price they are paying for the service. One of our areas of specialisation is embroidery. Whether featured on a traditional button-down, casual polo or a cotton t-shirt, an embroidered logo will boost your image and make sure that your brand gets noticed.

Why us?

  • We pride ourselves on producing high quality embroidery at incredible prices.
  • Despite being adept with the modern techniques of embroidery, our team of experts have not forgotten its traditional essence. This is what distinguishes us from other companies and makes our products unique.
  • The threads we use for embroidery are of the best quality available. This ensures a stylish yet durable product.

Precise detailing

Embroidery is the art of detailed craftsmanship. More the detailing in the product, the better it looks! Thus we have always focused on giving more detail to the client’s artwork and designs in order to give you a product beyond your expectations. Each work given to us is treated with utmost care and we work hard to give a satisfying experience of working with us.

Best methods

We use the latest state of the art computer controlled machines for sewing. Our production team is thoroughly trained in this aspect. This ensures that the designs meet, or better still, surpass our high standards. On top of that we make sure to meet our deadlines without compromising on the stitch counts. Moreover, our working procedure is very transparent. We have a very pocket friendly pricing structure with no extra or hidden costs.

Working with the clients

Whether to show you a sample product or take an order, our sales representatives are always at your service. We endeavour towards providing you with a smooth experience of being our clients. If you are willing to drop by our showroom, our customer service team would be happy to show you around and you can check out some of our work.

In order to make use of our in-house embroidery services, you need to send us a digitised image of the artwork you wish to get embroidered. We provide the best possible embroidery by matching the colours of your artwork with a similar colour from our wide variety of threads.

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