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A recent survey has revealed that promotional bags rank second in the most used giveaway. It showed that, on an average a bag featuring a promotional logo is seen around 1,038 times a month. So how can you risk getting the bag that would take your logo to all kind of places, designed by a novice? We at “Art and Style” have everything that you need to design a successful promotional bag.

We offer a wide range of bags, so that you find the perfect bag to target your audience.

  • For an athletic event, we have promotional sports bags
  • For a professional audience we offer promotional travel bags and laptop bags
  • For a crafts and paperwork related event we present promotional totes
  • For an eco friendly retailer we have in store reusable and recyclable jute and paper shopping bags.

Our team at Art and Style is a blend of highly professional engineers and extremely creative designers. They engineer the bags so that they continue to brand your business by attaining a considerably long life span.

Carefully designed

Our promotional bags are designed in a way so that they grab maximum eyeballs. Also we will help you in designing attractive logos for the bag. We will even customize your existing logo so that it complements your bag. In short, we will ensure that your bags are taken to a variety of places thereby increasing the number of impressions they make.

So, if you are keen to bundle up your promotions with our customized bags, then do get in touch with us at Art and Style, Melbourne, Australia.

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