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Based in Melbourne and currently leading in the business of branding solutions for various industries, organisations, clubs and schools, Art and Style has been involved in the sales and branding of men and women apparels, signage, room products and also trophies. The garments section of Art and Style has tailor made outfits to suit the various professions namely Government, schools, events, clubs, trade and also sports. These are highly functional and stylish and help to elevate the image of the company or the organisation that has opted for our service.

Vinyl heat press technique is generally taken up by sports companies for the purpose of imprinting logos on the sportswear, by other organisations to show the brand name and by other people who wish to have their dresses customised with their favourite logos or designs.

Customer satisfaction

Our customers are an important part of our business and we make sure that there is the highest level of satisfaction provided to them with our services. We provide you with unmatched branding and apparel printing service according to your needs.

Experienced professionals

Art and Style has had more than a decade of experience in this business and thus proves that one does not have to worry about the quality of work that is being provided. Logos that we create out of vinyl heat press is long lasting and will not fade off or come away after repeated washing of the clothes.

Attention to detail

For the purpose of designing logos, we use the latest in market software and each of our designs is always unique. Before imprinting, we make sure that the apparels are pre-washed so that the logo does not start to peel of when the clothes shrink.

Perfection in all aspects

Our team of experts on vinyl heat press provide you with services that completely error free. Be it the regular glossy finish or the glittery touches for the logo or the brand name, Art and Style has all the solutions to the customisation needs of the clients. We also help to imprint the vinyl stickers onto the backpacks and hand bags. These logos will help you to stand out in a crowd and people will surely love the finish of the work that has been done.

Check out our services today and get ready for the transformation.

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