With over 10 years of experience, Art and Style has emerged as one of the leading companies in providing branding solutions in Australia. Our quality products and excellent services ensure consumer satisfaction.

What it is

Sublimation printing is a process in which heat is used to seal coloured ink onto hard surfaces. It involves cutting designs from sheets of coloured ink and then printing it on a surface with the assistance of heat.

  • The vaporised colour permeates the surface creating a gentle gradation at the edges of each pixel.
  • This helps the colour infuse well with the surface resulting in prints that are long lasting and reliable.
  • Sublimation printing is also not subjected to fading or distortion. Sublimation has emerged to be one of the most successful methods of printing because it is reliable and gives realistic quality results.

With the growing trend of personalised products, sublimation printing is an attractive option that ensures quality results. Be it mugs, ceramic, apparel, sublimation printing is the answer to all your personalisation needs.

The best of sublimation

At Art and Style, we provide Sublimation services to help our clients in better branding. Our sublimation printing methods give realistic and quality results that are eye catching, creative and affordable.

Why us

Our design experts are known to create quality products that are traditional, reliable and simultaneously creative which makes Art and Style stand out from the rest. And what more? It is customisable as well. At Art and Style, we bring your ideas to life, keeping true with what our clients represent and that has been our foundation of success for the past ten years. You should turn to our sublimation printing services because

  • It is reliable and long lasting.
  • The printing is sharper than with traditional screen printing thereby giving vivid results.
  • There are numerous colours to choose from. And best of all? It wouldn’t cost you any extra to ask for a rainbow. Also it is completely customisable.
  • There are no minimum order quantities
  • We provide our services at unbeatable prices.

So, if you are looking for sublimation printing services in Australia, contact Art and Style in the blink of an eye and let us help you brand your company better, efficiently and reliably.

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